Q:  What happens if it rains on my scheduled mowing day?

A:  If we do have a rain event that leads to a rescheduling, we move your service to the next day (much like garbage companies) that weather permits.  

Q:  How much should I water my grass?

A:  Here are a few general guidelines to follow, however, all lawns differ.

  • Water all areas (or zones) of your lawn at a minimum of 20 minutes to promote a healthy, strong root system
  • Water early in the morning during the summer months.  Most cities will have watering bans that run mid-day.
  • Water at least once or twice a week to supply adequate water to the system
  • Your lawn should receive 1″ of water per week.

Q: Do you offer organic fertilizer or weed control?

A:   At this time, we do not offer organic products

Q: Are the products you use safe for Kids and Pets?

A:. With all of our applications, we recommend keeping children and pets off of the lawn for 24 hours after application. With liquid applications, it is safe to enter the yard once it is dry.  If you feel that humans or pets have entered an area before it was safe, wash feet, hands or paws with warm water and soap.

Q: What is pre-emergent?

A: The pre-emergent application is done as part of the first application in the spring and prevents crabgrass from germinating. The application DOES NOT prevent broadleaf weeds. Much like other herbicides, this should not be applied if you are planning on seeding in the spring.  Pre-emergent should always be watered in to your grass as soon as possible after the application is made.

Q: How often should I aerate?

A: We recommend once a year.  Most of our clients accompany this service with over-seeding.  We generally do this service in the fall to not interfere with any pre-emergent applications.  

Q: How can I get my lawn ready for aeration service?

A:  We use core aeration, so we ask that all sprinkler heads, irrigation boxes, invisible fencing, or other areas that you would like us to avoid be flagged prior to service date.

Q: Do you bag lawn clippings?

A: We only bag clippings during our spring and fall cleanups.  In cases where the growth leaves clippings, we will double or triple cut the lawn eliminate clippings on top of the grass.  

Q: How do I sign up?

A: To schedule your project we require 50% down paid by credit card.  The final 50% is due upon completion of the project and is charged on the same card.

Q: Is clean up included in the cost of the project?

A: Yes, we will leave the job site how we found it or better.

Q: Should I go with Mulch or Landscape Rock?

A: The answer is primarily personal aesthetic preference but there are a few things to keep in mind.  Rock lasts longer but the initial cost is more then mulch and if it needs to be removed that can be costly as well.  Rock is a great natural water displacer which is nice around the foundations of buildings. Mulch is initially a bit cheaper than rock but a 1″ top dressing is recommended each season to maintain a 3-4″ depth.  Mulch holds moisture which is good news for plants, shrubs, and trees.

Q: Do you recommend a liner under mulch and landscape rock?

A: Plastic and fabric landscape liner is great for keeping weeds at bay.  We always recommend liner under the rock. While it is your preference we recommend no liner under mulch and instead the use of a herbicide granular weed preventer like Preen.  

Q: Will you use large equipment that will damage my yard?

A: This depends on the size of the project.  If this project is small in size we use wheelbarrows when we can to avoid damaging the lawn and the cost that goes with repairing it when we are done.  During larger projects, the added efficiency of equipment tends to be greater than the cost of yard repair.