5 Landscaping Myths That Can Harm Your Lawn Care

Jul 24, 2018 | Blog

The appearance of your lawn is one of your home’s most important first impressions. From the placement of the trees to the arrangement of the garden, each piece works together to present your overall style as a homeowner.

This is why quality landscaping and lawn care are key. Unfortunately, many homeowners believe landscaping myths that can lead to improper lawn maintenance. The following are some of the most common landscaping myths that may be limiting your lawn’s true potential.

  1. You need to water your plants daily to keep them alive.

    While a watered garden is certainly important, overwatering can be dangerous. Keep in mind that different species of plants will need varying levels of water and sun. Take note of these needs before planting.


  2. Mowing the grass is all you need to do to care for the lawn.

    For those who exclusively cut their grass to complete their lawn care, you could be missing essential steps. Aeration, fertilization, and other lawn care essentials are key to a truly healthy yard. Ask a lawn care professional about your lawn’s unique makeup and care requirements.


  3. It’s important to get all of your planting done during spring.

    Even if your neighbors are rushing to plant new shrubs and trees in the spring, keep in mind that this is not always necessary. Certain plants, flowers, and vegetables grow best during different times of the year, specifically summer and autumn. A planting schedule can be more beneficial for your lawn than your attempt to plant all your seedlings at once.


  4. Landscaping should be last on your home care priority list.

    While your interior projects may seem more pressing, remember that it’s essential to stay on top of your lawn care. By doing so, you can maintain your lawn’s appearance and health. Putting this care off for too long can breed even more work and difficulties in the future.

  5. You can easily DIY your landscaping.

    As with many other home maintenance projects, high quality landscaping is best left to the professionals. Talk to your local lawn care company today about creating a beautiful landscape design and specific care plan for your home.

By putting in the proper lawn care effort and dispelling any dangerous landscaping myths, you can make your home the talk of the whole neighborhood. From the health of your grass to the intricacy of your landscape design, you can enjoy your flourishing lawn for years to come.

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