5 Mowing Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

Sep 21, 2018 | Blog

Even though Fall is here, we wanted to remind you of a few tips to mowing – and having – a beautiful lawn.

A great-looking lawn adds curb appeal and value to your home. Mowing properly is an important part of keeping your lawn beautiful. Here are five mowing tips to help make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Choose the Correct Mower

If you have a small yard, a walk-behind mower may be the best option for you. A self-propelled model delivers a consistent speed and a smoother cut. A riding mower may be a good investment if you have a yard larger than half an acre. Make sure to consider the mower’s turning radius if you need to maneuver around trees or other landscaping.

Keep Your Mower In Good Condition

Like any other equipment in your home, your mower needs regular maintenance.

Clean and Maintain Your Mower: Clear the mower of old grass clippings. Change the oil and the filter regularly. After you use the mower, wipe the grease and dirt from the engine. Never leave gasoline in the mower over the winter.

Stay Sharp: Before you mow your lawn, make sure that the blades are sharp. Mowing with dull blades can leave your lawn looking ragged. Dull mower blades will tear through the blades of grass and will not cut them cleanly.

Do Not Cut Wet Grass

Mowing your lawn while the grass is wet can cause your mower to leave tracks or ruts in your yard. The wet clippings can clog your mower or leave clumps of clippings in the grass.

Leave the Clippings

Don’t bag your clippings when you mow. Clippings will release nutrients and moisture into your soil, and help with fertilizing your lawn. They do not add to thatch, and they break down quickly.

Change the Mowing Pattern

Mowing in the exact same pattern over and over again can leave permanent tracks in your lawn, and can also create strain on one side of your mower. If you can do it safely, mow in a different pattern each time.

For more lawn care tips, contact The Grounds Crew today. We’re here to help you keep your lawn thriving throughout the year.

-TGC Team

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