5 tips to safely remove snow this Winter

Feb 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

We all know that snow removal can be a pain in the you know what.

And while this chore sure is frustrating at times, it can be so much worse if you’re not properly doing it; adding insult to injury in some cases.

So, we’re going to look at 5 tips for you to safely remove snow from your driveways and sidewalks this Winter. We promise, these quick tips are important and will help you stay safe during our upcoming snowfalls

Are you dressed appropriately?
Dressing appropriately means bundling up by covering your feet, hands and head to preserve heat, while also wearing breathable layers (try cotton and silk). Thick, warm socks are also a plus. When you’re dressed appropriately, the Winter elements will have less of an impact on your body, meaning you can focus on the safety of shoveling.

Did you remember to stretch?
We can’t recommend enough that you take some time to stretch prior to doing any actual shoveling. In many cases, the moves necessary to shovel (especially with wet, heavy snow) aren’t common movements; meaning they are new and different to your muscles. Stretching prior to shoveling helps warm up your muscles and can prevent physical injury while shoveling. 

How is your form?
But stretching isn’t the only thing you should focus on. While yes, we highly encourage you to stretch before shoveling, those stretches will not compensate for bad shoveling form. Two things to remember regarding form: 1) Be sure to push the snow, not lift it. 2) If you have to lift the snow, be sure to lift in front of your body with your legs, not your back. You should neve lift snow over your head or to the side.

Are you going to take a break?
You also need to take active breaks while shoveling. You get to determine how often you need them, but make sure they are active breaks (i.e. take a walk for 100 yards or do a few snow angels in the yard). These active breaks will help your snow shoveling muscles relax, but your body will still stay loose and warm. 

Did you drink enough water?
It’s cold, you’re working hard, and probably not thinking about it, but it’s crucial that you stay hydrated while you’re shoveling. Depending on the type of snowfall and amount, shoveling can be quite the exercise. A good rule of thumb is as you take an active break from shoveling, try and drink some water. 

If you’d like to stay really safe this Winter, you could always have our team handle your snow removal for you. You’re way less likely to get hurt drinking a warm coffee inside that you are actually shoveling snow. 

But if you do end of shoveling for yourself, please be careful. We hope the 5 tips above will help you prevent any unnecessary injuries this Winter. 

Shovel safe. 

-TGC Team

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