5 weed fighting solutions you should understand (#2 might surprise you).

Jul 14, 2020 | Blog

If you own a home, you deal with weeds. 

And if you’re like the average homeowner, a couple of times each year you either spend an afternoon spraying or pulling them from your yard or garden. 

But what really is the best solution for fighting weeds? 

In this blog we’ll address 5 weed fighting solutions you should understand, and hopefully this will help you identify the best solution for your home. 

Place some mulch down. 

By adding mulch on top of your soil, you’re eliminating the opportunity for weed seeds to get sunlight and grow. Mulch keeps the soil cool and moist creating the perfect ecosystem for a weedless garden. Keep in mind however, if you put too much mulch down (we recommend a 1 inch depth) you can actually create a new “soil-like” opportunity for seeds to grow. 

Don’t cut your grass too short. 

Be cautious not to cut your grass too short. By keeping your grass a little longer, the thick blades drown out the ability for weeds to grow. This is a simple tip, but can play a very important piece in keeping your lawn weed free. 

Plant flowers close to each other. 

Much the same as your blades of grass drowning out your weeds, by planting flowers close to each other, you can prevent weeds from growing by limiting their available space. For the areas you don’t want to plant flowers close together, try putting wet newspaper down (10 sheets thick) as a weed barrier, then placing mulch over it. 

Apply pre emergent herbicides.

Early in the year, pre emergent herbicides are great solutions. These herbicides kill weeds as they germinate, but will not eradicate established weeds. For a pre emergent herbicide to be effective, it must be planted to soil cleared of visible weeds and in most cases it must also be watered into the soil. 

Cautious cultivation

Do you enjoy working in your yard? If so, cautious cultivation of your weeds may be your best option. You can simply pull the weeds or get a little more advanced using a hoe or other cultivating tool. Be careful not to cultivate the area too deeply or you’ll risk bringing buried weed seeds to the surface where they can quickly germinate.

We hope these 5 weed fighting solutions help you enjoy a truly beautiful lawn.

If you’d like more help managing your lawn or landscape, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

-TGC Team

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