6 simple tasks to ensure your yard is prepared for Winter

Aug 19, 2019 | Blog

What you invest into your yard in the Fall, you’ll reap as reward in the Spring.

With this in mind, it’s important that you consider the items you should be doing as a homeowner to best prepare your yard for the Winter ahead. In this blog post we’re going to highlight 6 actions you should take, and why they are important. 

These actions impact more than just your curb appeal. 

1 – Trim your trees and shrubs.

Trimming your trees in the Fall can benefit them during the Winter months. Remember, when the snow begins to fly, especially if it’s a wet snow, it will create heavy layers on top of your favorite trees or shrubs. This can cause irreplaceable damage top your plants, leaving you with a hassle (and eye sore) in the Spring. 


2 – Rake your yard, again. 

Although we know you don’t want to, please try to rake one more time. Raking your leaves will ensure that when snow does fall, those leaves aren’t rotting under it all winter long. Why does this matter? Because soggy, rotted leaves are much harder to clean up than freshly fallen leaves, and they can infest your lawn with disease.


3 – Don’t forget the gutters.

Fall is the time that many gutter systems get clogged / backed up. If you can clean out your gutters in the Fall, you’ll be more prepared for the snow melt come Spring. Unfortunately, many homes experience water damage in the Spring due to improper drainage of the melting snow. A simple gutter cleaning can help you limit experiencing any drainage issues. 


4 – Aerate your lawn.

Aeration is poking holes all across your lawn in order to create plugs of grass, thatch, and soil. This allows the roots to be exposed underground to the elements it needs in order to grow strong. Aerating your lawn before winter means that when the snow does melt, your lawn can re-grow thick and strong.


5 – Dethatch the entire lawn.

Thatch is the thick layer of living and dead stems, roots, and grass that collects right above the soil in a mat. This layer blocks water and nutrients from getting to your soil (especially if it’s too thick). In the Fall is a good time to dethatch so you can make sure that as the snow melts in the Spring, your lawn is getting the most out of the water. 


6 – Clean your tools.

You might not think of this, but it’s important to clean your tools in the Fall; especially the tools you only utilize during the warmer months. Tools that aren’t properly cleaned during the Fall may develop rust or other types of wear and tear. If you want your equipment to last longer, proper cleaning is a must. 


Preparing your yard in the Fall will definitely improve its re-birth in the Spring. If you have any questions about any of these tips, or if you’d like our team to help with them, we’d be more than happy to chat!

You deserve a beautiful yard this next year. 

Fall preparation will definitely help. Contact us to learn more how we can do it for you!


-TGC Team 

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