Fall Is Here! Now What?

Sep 6, 2017 | Uncategorized

Fall has arrived! To us, that’s great news. We don’t mean to be cliche, the the changing leaves, the chilly winds, and the fall flavors always get us excited. Even raking the leaves into large piles and jumping in them is something to look forward to. But because fall can turn into winter so quickly, from falling leaves to falling snow, not everyone has time to think about preparing their lawn for winter. That’s what we’re here for! Here are a few tips that you can do in the fall, to prepare for winter, in order to thank yourself next spring!

  1. Rake, Rake, Rake

    Where we’re from, the snow can arrive so quickly that it leaves you with a bit of whiplash. Wasn’t it just fall? That’s why you can never rake too much during the fall season. Raking your leaves will ensure that when snow does fall, those leaves aren’t rotting under it all winter long. Why does this matter? Because soggy, rotted leaves are much harder to clean up than freshly fallen leaves, and they can infest your lawn with disease.

  2. Aerate Your Lawn

    Aeration is poking holes all across your lawn in order to create plugs of grass, thatch, and soil. This allows the roots to be exposed underground to the elements it needs in order to grow strong. Aerating your lawn before winter means that when the snow does melt, your lawn can re-grow thick and strong.

  3. Weeding

    Similarly to raking up dead leaves, you’re going to want to pull every weed in sight before snowfall. Weeds will rot and die under the snow, and they can also infect your lawn, garden, and flowerbed.

Of course, you could ignore all these tips and hope for the best come springtime. But maintaining your lawn is so much easier, and can save you money, than having to start from scratch.

-The Grounds Crew

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