How to prepare your home’s landscape for winter

Oct 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

As we talked about last month, what you invest into your yard in the Fall, you’ll reap as a reward in the Spring

In the same vein we wanted to take a moment to talk about the rest of your landscape. In this blog post we’ll highlight how you can prepare your trees, bushes, patios, and irrigation systems during the cooler months (cough, cough, Winter).

Some of the tips below are things your dad probably never taught you.


Prime your trees. 

When it comes to preparing your trees for Winter, it’s important that you are pruning your trees of diseased or damaged limbs, adding extra mulch around the base of your trees for better soil insulation, and watering throughout the Fall (water nourishes the trees prior to a long, frozen Winter). If you do these three things, your trees will be grateful, and healthy come Spring. 


Protect your bushes. 

To ensure that your bushes are protected throughout the Winter months, clean up any debris that may be surrounding them (leaves, sticks, etc.). By picking up debris you’ll be ensuring that snow banks don’t build up awkwardly around the bush causing damage; you’ll also be removing places that little critters can live throughout the Winter (which can also cause damage). 


Preserve your patio. 

Make sure you preserve your patio this Fall by properly preparing it for Winter. We recommend that you clean all patio furniture according to the manufacturer’s label, and store loose pillows and umbrellas appropriately. Also, if you have a grill, be sure that it’s covered and away from the winter elements. Finally, depending on the type of patio floor you have, be sure to properly clean and / or seal it prior to snowfall. Simple organization and cleaning can go a long way in preserving your patio this Winter. 


Prepare your irrigation systems. 

If your home has an irrigation system, please please please be sure to prepare it before the Winter months. Specifically, we recommend having the system blown out prior to the first freeze. This ensures that there is no water in the system (protecting the pipes from freezing and bursting). Don’t put this off if you have an irrigation system!


While we could talk much more about each of these items, we want to remind you that what you invest into your landscape in the Fall, you’ll reap as a reward in the Spring. 


If you have questions about how to best Winterize your unique landscape, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We’re happy to help you prepare for the colder months ahead. 


-TGC Team

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