Lawn maintenance: do this, not this…

May 15, 2019 | Blog

Spring is a time of growth & renewal.

However, it’s also a time where many homeowners kill their grass.

This blog post will highlight 2 things you should do to your lawn this Spring and 2 things you shouldn’t. Having a healthy lawn this Summer is completely within your control, just take note of the items below.

*Note: if you have further questions, please send us a message and we’d be happy to answer them.

Do this.

Mow high.

Did you know grass with the deepest roots is also the longest above the ground. To make sure your roots are planted deep this Spring, mow a little higher than you normally would mid Summer.


Picture lawn care as a person. Mowing is the maintenance that keeps him/her looking clean and fresh (like a good haircut). Weeding is what keeps the person free from disease (it’s like an antibiotic). Fertilizing is keeping the person fed. Without fertilization, the person starts to starve. Learn more about how to properly fertilize here.

Don’t do this.

Don’t over water.

You grass only needs about an inch of water per week. So, take note of how much rain we’re receiving on a weekly basis and either water or don’t water accordingly. If you over water your grass, it will turn light green or yellow.

Don’t skip aerating.

Aerating is a must for most lawns. As this article highlights, “most lawns, whether seeded or sodded, are planted over a fairly skimpy layer of topsoil.” What this means is that over time your yard’s soil begins to compact on itself, not allowing the appropriate water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots, limiting your grass’s ability to grow strong.

We realize these are only a few of the items to do (or not do) this Spring. However, it’s a starting point as you begin to think about creating the yard all of your neighbors envy. If you have any questions, or would like our team to show you how we help other homeowners maintain their lawns, send us a message.


-TGC Team

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