Painting Projects from a Landscape Company?

Jul 27, 2016 | Blog


When you think of a landscape company, painting projects are probably not the first thing that crosses your mind.

Over the past couple years we have been challenging ourselves through various outlets to become that local business that stands out, or “breaks the mold”

“Why can’t we be the last company people call for their outdoor projects?” we asked ourselves.  We decided we needed to start living up to our name, TGC Property Services.  “We are your outdoor handyman”.  “If we can’t do it, we will find someone that can.”  We started playing around with catchy slogans but couldn’t find one that stuck.

“Maybe instead of following the norm, lets set the bar.”  Adding painting services can help us gain exposure with a whole new group of clientele, as well as existing customers.  Enter, Mark Busch…

While adding a painting division doesn’t exactly “break the mold”, it caused us to step out of our comfort zone a bit.  Nobody was up for the challenge more than Mark.  Mark’s professional work ethic and dedication to his craft made him the ideal candidate for heading up our painting division.  (Not to mention, his incredible personality and million dollar smile :) )


From the pictures included in this blog, I think you will agree, Mark’s crew is the right choice!  Let TGC Property Services get your home to reflect you!  Call Mark today (952.797.2963) for a quote on any of your painting projects, interior or exterior.


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