The Perfect Summer Lawn!

May 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

No matter if you’re a new homeowner, a long time homeowner, renting, or looking to learn for the future, this is your year for a lawn that you’re proud of! We are big believers in spending time outside as much as possible, but that’s hard to do when your outdoor spaces aren’t maintained. Now, you don’t just need to maintain your landscape – you can make it your personal oasis! Imagine building that deck, or planting that garden, and being able to entertain and relax outside all season long. How glorious!

Here are a few things you can do yourself to begin creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams:

  • Watering! Keeping your grass, garden, and foliage watered is absolutely essential. It is easier to maintain hydration rather than trying to resurrect already dead and dried up vegetation. You don’t need to start with a fancy sprinkler system – just go out and purchase a few lawn sprinklers and turn them on a few times a day. Your plants will love it, but your kids might love it even more!  
  • Pick up after pup! You love your dog, we love your dog! But neither of us like dog droppings. Leaving dog droppings all over your lawn doesn’t just kill it, it will keep you from walking freely in your own backyard.  
  • Mowing and clippings! It is no surprise that you should mow your lawn regularly, but did you know that the clippings collected while mowing should not be considered waste? Take the clippings and distribute them back over your lawn. This doesn’t only smell amazing, it provides the soil with an extra supply of nutrients!  
  • Weed treatment: Dandelions may be cute, but taking preventative measures against weeds is much easier than treating weed infestation later on. It may be tempting to pull weeds with your hands, but often the root will break and create more weeds. Applying a pre-emergent weed killer can stop weeds before they populate. Weed control products are certainly encouraged, but proper keeping up with proper maintenance will keep your lawn happy and weed-free.  

Many people leave their lawns untouched because they don’t know where to start, and they may think it too costly. Don’t be afraid, you no longer need to learn to be a lawncare professional, because we already are! If you want to get the landscape of your dreams, start here.

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