4 Reasons To Pick Up Leaves Before Winter.

Nov 14, 2017 | Blog

Do you rake the leaves?

Should you just leave them? They protect the grass, right?

These are the questions that we run into every day, and in this blog, we’re going to explain to you 4 reasons you should pick up leaves before the winter months. We hope this answers the questions you having as you look at the window at those ever-growing leaf piles.

You don’t have to get every leaf. 

Having 10 -20% off your grass canopy covered is okay, but beyond that, you’ll start running into issues. So, you don’t have to be overly meticulous, but you should be aware.

Make sure you manage the weight. 

Leaves that are left on your lawn become heavy with moisture (snow, rain, ice, etc.) throughout the winter, and can smother your healthy grass.

Be aware of diseases. 

As leaves smother the grass and trap in moisture, diseases such as snow mold can occur. This can and will kill your grass.

It’s okay, you can be vain. 

Beyond just having a clean yard (while your neighbors have leaves everywhere), un-raked leaves can leave sun spots on your grass. It’s okay, you can be vain. You spend the whole summer working on that yard, don’t let leaves leave in spotty come spring.

As the winter month’s continue to inch closer, it’s time to make sure you’re cleaning up the leaves in your yard. Simple cleaning can save you time, money, and even vanity this next spring as your yard comes back to life. If you’re looking for some help with leave removal, we’re happy to help. Get your FREE estimate here:

-TGC Team

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